Electric Car Charger Installation and Services

The use of electric cars is increasing dramatically these days and, if you are among the people buying an electric vehicle, you will need an EV charger. You can’t just plug your new vehicle into an existing outlet. Well, you can, but an hour of charging on a regular outlet will only get you a few miles of driving range. It can take up to 2 days to fully charge some EVs using a “regular” outlet. This is what is called a Level 1 charger and it uses a 120 volt line.

EV Charger Installation and Services

A level 2 charger is usually what EV users use. That will charge your EV in about half the time or less! This involves upgrading to a dedicated 240 volt line. We can do everything from start to finish involving this line, including digging the trench and any other upgrades that may be needed.

We can even install a level 3 charger at your home, if you want. These are the fastest chargers currently available and it can provide up to 480 volts.


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